Covid Travel Test

Covid Rapid Antigen Test For Travel

Result Provided in 20 Min

Valid For Travel To The US And Some Other Destinations

Approved By Health Canada

Cost - $40

It is your responsibility to choose the appropriate test and to book within the appropriate time window before departure. If you have any questions please call (519)267-5831. Official attestation of results will be provided by the pharmacy.

Covid RT-PCR Test

Results provided in 24-48 hours

Valid for travel to most international destinations

Approved by Health Canada

Cost - $150

PCR test is performed at the pharmacy and specimen is sent to the lab. If you are getting the test done before 2 pm, the result is in 24 hours. If it is done after 2 pm, it can take between 24-48 hours to get the result. Results will be sent to you on the e-mail address provided.